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Satisfying your procurement needs is what we do best. From the simplest order to the most complicated requirement, our teams always find the right solution for you!

We negotiate for you.

Our Procurement team seeks out the best prices available on the market from high-quality suppliers and negotiates on your behalf, applying industry best practices and the highest ethical standards. To guarantee the best results, our buyers have access to over 2,500 suppliers across the world listed in our proprietary databases.

Our experience encompasses:

  •   Exploration, production and distribution of gas and oil
  •   Refineries and petrochemical plants
  •   Production and distribution of electricity
  •   Related products
  •   Company procurement of all types.

Our Procurement team manages customer accounts all over the world. Our customers include EDF, ENI, ESSO, Maurel & Prom, Total, ANDRA.

Our know-how:
from the simple purchase to complete management of the supply chain
, we have a wide range of expertise in the procurement field.

This expertise includes procurement of spares and replacement parts, obsolescence management and proposals to replace or renovate worn products or parts.

We manage the entire supply chain and handle end-to-end logistics for your procurement project, delivering equipment direct to the site specified by the customer.

We also work with our customers, to create customised catalogues of products and services.

Customised service

At ETE-FLOEX, we believe that customised service is the key to effective project management. Our teams are organised by customer account so the same people can monitor orders from initial pricing all the way through to site delivery.

At ETE-FLOEX, one person is specifically designated to manage your account - but our sophisticated order management system also allows anyone on the team to follow up on your request and answer your questions.