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Technical Assistance

A Proactive Team of Experts

For our technical assistance services, we rely on a team of engineers and qualified, experienced experts in the fields of energy and mining.

They provide all our technical assistance services – inspection, diagnostic, maintenance, renovation, refurbishment and repair on our customers’ industrial sites or in our workshops.

Depending on specifications, our technical assistance teams may guarantee that operational sites and equipment are safe, reliable, and conform to local and international standards.

Because our on-site teams are experienced and knowledgeable, we can optimize coordination between professionals involved in inspection and maintenance activities and establish a precise calendar for maintenance operations so down time is reduced.

In addition, our teams are trained to optimize time, so that shut-downs are both anticipated and as short as possible.

New Technologies

For Offshore and Onshore activities in areas that are difficult to access, our teams often use new technologies such as drones and robots for inspections and maintenance diagnostics.

New technologies also make it possible to design inspection and maintenance operations differently and set up ‘predictive’ maintenance programs.

Inspections depend on risks and/or are carried out at the customer’s specific request.

We primarily provide inspection and maintenance of materials, equipment, installations and industrial sites:

  • Human or drone inspection: by air, onshore and offshore
  • Automated inspection by robot: onshore and offshore
  • Intervention by robot in deep seas (inspection, diagnostics, maintenance)
  • Calendar / schedule of inspections

Maintenance work and operations are carried out by our teams of technicians and engineers, who work directly on customers’ premises.

For some contracts, particularly in French Guyana and the West Indies, ETE renovates elements in its workshops as part of its ‘stop – repair – return-to-service’ maintenance operations.

Complete renovation, obsolescence management, refurbishment

Thanks to our know-how, we can manage obsolescence by providing the proper parts or teams capable of renovating on site or in our workshops.

In the West Indies and French Guyana, we can renovate or completely rehabilitate obsolete equipment in our own workshops if replacement parts cannot be found, or if changing the entire system is too costly.

We also completely or partially refurbish the equipment installed and thus reduce maintenance costs associated with compete replacement and/or shutdown of the installation.

Outsourcing experienced personnel

Our extensive experience, know-how and local presence have allowed us to create a network of experts in the fields of energy, mining and quarrying.

Thus we often put our customers in contact with highly experienced personnel (technicians, industrial engineers, designers) for missions requiring specific expertise or people who can be immediately operational.