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Nearly 30 years of experience

ETE is a French company created in 1991 to serve the energy, mining and quarrying sectors. ETE specializes in purchasing, logistics, engineering and integrated contract management (EPCI-Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation), technical assistance (diagnostic, inspection), maintenance, and the identification and provision of experts.

Innovation, reactivity and the reliability of its solutions have given the company an excellent reputation.

The group serves its clients wherever they may be, calling on long and extensive experience in the field of energy (oil, gas, electricity, nuclear, geothermal) and more recently in renewable energies, mining and quarries.

Since its creation, the company has continued to develop its ‘Purchasing-Logistics’ and ‘Engineering-Integrated Contracts’ activities. It offers customers complete management of industrial projects.

Using its long experience in the field as a foundation, ETE has also constituted a network of trusted experts in the field of energy, mines and quarries. These experts assist with specific missions at clients’ request. ETE also provides outsourcing of experienced personnel and complete site management.

The group is headquartered in France (Paris) and has has subsidiaries in Asia (Singapore), the Middle East (Dubai) and Africa (Angola, Gabon, Nigeria, Mozambique, South Africa) as well as French Guyana and the West Indies. It also has maintenance and repair shops in Guyana and the West Indies.

The group is headquartered in France (Paris) and has has subsidiaries in Asia (Singapore), the Middle East (Dubai) and Africa (Angola, Gabon, Nigeria, Mozambique, South Africa) as well as French Guyana and the West Indies. It also has maintenance and repair shops in Guyana and the West Indies.

Strong Values

ETE group leaders convey strong values. They think it is important to be able to adapt to changes in the world, and demand that their staff act responsibly.

Satisfy customers. Fulfill commitments. Measure results.
Our reputation depends on customer satisfaction.
Each day, our teams do what is necessary to find solutions to customers’ requests, and to fulfill our commitments in terms of quality, deadlines, reactivity and price. Teams always work in pairs so that there are no gaps in customer follow-up.

ETE does not tolerate any sort of corruption or pay-offs, whether directly or through third-parties.

ETE forbids illegal payments and adheres to all anti-corruption legislation.

Facilitate performance, team spirit
The company wants to make sure every employee is able to suggest appropriate solutions to situations encountered. Our teams work together, and sharing knowledge is part of company culture.

Diversity is a very important value at ETE, so our staff is made up of individuals with different opinions, knowledge and experience, and from various cultural backgrounds.

Act like an entrepreneur
All staff are entirely responsible for their own dossiers – from the first contact to project closing and billing. We encourage the entrepreneurial spirit by looking for innovative solutions, and we are there to help guide each staff member.

Develop excellence
Because the company promotes a ‘culture’ based on results and quality, working methods are the same for everyone. This increases our reactivity on dossiers and facilitates intra-team cooperation and relaying.

We are always looking for ways to excel, and this search for excellence is part of our continuous improvement process.

Employees, Suppliers, Service Providers

The ETE Group’s Code of Ethics describes appropriate conduct for all relationships with others (internally as well as externally) and in transactions. It applies to everyone.

Thus, all ETE employees, suppliers and service providers agree to:

  • Be completely transparent in all their customer prospection activities
  • Apply the Zero Tolerance rule when confronted with corruption, bribes, gifts or illegal payments
  • Follow laws applicable in the country where the mission is performed
  • Develop honest, transparent relationships with everyone, whether clients, suppliers or colleagues
  • Follow safety regulations
  • Keep personal and professional information confidential

Integrity is one of the main qualities required of all staff. All ETE employees, staff, service providers and partners must be committed to applying our code of ethics.

This document provides information and principles on the conduct to be adopted in various professional situations. Each ETE staff member is responsible for his or her own professional conduct. The fact that a colleague or competitor acts outside the standards described in our code of ethics is never a reason—and should not be used as an excuse—for transgressing company rules. Nor does the search for sales performance and profitability justify unethical conduct.


Our future and growth depend on sales development, which depends in turn on our reputation: a reputation built up over time on know-how, the success of our missions…and our actions. That is why it is so important that each ETE employee act in accordance with the company’s philosophy and the values conveyed by its CEO.

All ETE employees and service providers must act in accordance with the company’s code of ethics and behave ethically with both suppliers and customers.


The ETE Group has been ISO 9001 certified since 1997.

All sectors of the company are part of the continuous improvement system that has been set up.

Our quality management system allows us to maintain a high level of security and reliability in our daily interactions with suppliers and customers.

We have developed 4 common performance indicators:

  • Average time to reply to a request for a quote
  • Average time to acknowledge reception of an order
  • Deliveries made within stated lead times
  • Distribution of orders in terms of product families

Not only do these indicators allow us to follow up on our business activities, but they are also used for reports and contribute to the absolute transparency of our relationships with customers.

We also design and monitor special performance indicators based on customer expectations and specific characteristics of projects.

Strong ties and ongoing contact with customers allow us to measure levels of satisfaction and better understand expectations. This data, analyzed at regular intervals, helps us adapt our services to customer needs.

This approach allows us to:

  • Make factual evaluations of our suppliers with detailed action plans
  • Stop using suppliers that do not deliver the quality expected
  • Maintain complete transparency with our customers

Data Security

ETE has invested massively in the security of its information system in order to safeguard the data of both suppliers and customers.
ETE’s IT department implements ISO/CEI27001 IT certification, thus guaranteeing that its information system meets current security standards.








• Purchasing
• Freight and logistics
• Industrial purchases management

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• Project management
• EPCI integrated contracts
• Commissioning
• Training

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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

• Inspection
• Diagnostic
• Maintenance
• Refurbishment
• Outsourcing of experts

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