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Partnering with Customers

We work in partnership with customers to manage, primarily, engineering projects in the energy and mining fields, but we also work in other industrial fields.

For major projects or at large sites, companies may wish to outsource management of certain business activities, so they can focus on their core business and capitalize on know-how. Our experience and expertise put us in a position to provide this service.

We often participate in project management, acting as our customer’s representative. The customer can thus focus resources on the core business.

In addition to very competitive fee schedules, subcontracting to our specialized, polyvalent structure allows customers to take on projects with tight deadlines because a medium-sized structure such as ours can more easily set up a system that provides the necessary flexibility.

We handle all types of contractsconsulting and coordination, procurement and planning, EPCI contract, supplier management, selection and recruitment of expert personnel, etc.

A project manager and team are responsible for each contract—its budget and implementation. Teams are set up carefully, taking into account the specific needs of the project and the profiles and experience of team members. The ‘Procurement’ and ‘Technical Assistance’ departments provide resources and expertise as needed, with specific people from these departments assigned to the project.

All these activities are rigorously coordinated by ETE teams.

We assist, as needed, from study phases to commissioning.
Our services include: feasibility and upstream studies, management of programs from exploration through implementation, supply chain management and logistics, coordination of projects and operations, selection and coordination of suppliers and service providers, recruitment of personnel, putting into service and commissioning, training.

Feasibility studies, upstream technical studies

These studies require the services of people from many different professions. Depending on the type of project, ETE works directly with the customer’s engineering teams or partner design offices, or with people specialized in the fields involved (geologists, designers, installers, civil works experts, computer scientists, electricians, etc.).

We also consolidate the results of numerous feasibility studies to facilitate project coordination.

Selection, coordination and management of suppliers and service providers

We organize the local selection and management of service providers. Our experience in project management and our knowledge of the countries where we work—and their cultures—facilitate the selection of personnel, suppliers and service providers the best suited to the situation.

Program management from exploration to implementation

ETE manages a range of project support studies for its customers: preliminary studies (ground inspection, raw materials and energy required, preliminary diagrams, etc.), specification of materials required for proper operation of the installation.

This coordinating work also allows ETE to offer completely customized procurement solutions in phase with project planning.

Search for personnel suited to customers’ needs

Since its creation in 1991, ETE has developed a vast network of technical experts and engineers. We offer services including the selection, recruitment and management of expert personnel to meet customers’ needs in specific situations. ETE naturally capitalizes on this know-how when managing EPCI projects and contracts.

Supply chain management: purchasing and logistics

Procurement is an essential part of project implementation. Our procurement teams manage purchasing, logistics and all planning associated with the projects entrusted to us.

They handle calls to tender, purchasing and supply, follow-up on orders, organization of inspections, and the transportation and logistics required to deliver materials and equipment, taking into account place, time, budget constraints and project progress.

Putting into service / Commissioning

ETE prepares the elements required and plans operations for putting the equipment and installations entrusted to it into service. Commissioning and start-up are always prepared in close cooperation with customer teams, service providers and the manager of the ETE project, in order to guarantee success.

This phase includes preliminary guarantee and performance tests to validate the integrity of the construction and confirm that the equipment installed meets specifications.

Coordination of projects and operations

Our teams manage project coordination for customers, 100% or in partnership with them.

Thanks to our experience, we can coordinate all teams working on site and provide an interface between customers and the various service providers. In countries where we have subsidiaries, our teams work directly on site. In other countries we delegate this task to experienced local personnel.


ETE provides training in the equipment it delivers and installs. ETE can also work with partners to organize training in specific areas, such as safety.