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French Guiana – Maintenance of EDF Combustion Turbine chimney

Dismantling the Combustion Turbine chimney
The Combustion Turbine before the maintenance work
The Combustion Turbine after the maintenance work done

Maintenance work with shutdown of a Combustion Turbine chimney for the EDF plant in Dégrad des Cannes on the customer’s site and in ETE workshops in Guiana

This maintenance operation was carried out by ETE teams on the customer’s site and in ETE workshops in Guiana.

ETE teams performed maintenance tasks involving the mechanical, electrical, electromechanical and piping systems, and did new work in sheet metal forming, pipework, sheet metal working and metal working, as well as hot/cold insulating.

For this 4-month intervention, the chimney had to be taken down and put up again, and its duct and upper silencer had to be restored.

This maintenance required the following operations: removal of the silencer for painting and access to lower parts of the exhaust structure, complete disassembly of chimney parts (intermediate caisson, sound attenuating caisson, transformation part, exhaust framework), prefabrication and complete replacement of the chimney (all caissons), anticorrosion treatment and reinstallation of the silencer at the top of the chimney.